Windows 2000 realtime extension

VenturCom has introduced RTX 5.0, the first real-time extension software available for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.

RTX 5.0 has been designed to add a finer degree of task scheduling and timing control to Windows 2000 as well as to Windows NT and Windows NT Embedded 4.0. The added control enables engineers of next generation communications, office automation, industrial, medical and entertainment equipment to reliably develop and deploy high performance, mission-critical applications that run on Windows operating systems.

Companies want to bridge the integration gap that has traditionally existed between their equipment and the business workstation. Using RTX 5.0 with Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows NT Embedded, desktop applications can reside on the same processor as time-critical control tasks, digital signal processing, communications and high-availability functions.

Michael Dexter-Smith, President and CEO of VenturCom, claimed: ‘The functionality in equipment is exploding. The next generation of intelligent connected equipment will be virtually unrecognisable from their equivalents today.’

RTX allows real-time and non real-time processing to take place on one processor. The product is a native, Win32-based real-time extension technology for Microsoft Windows operating systems. VenturCom also offers a tool chain for analysis, debugging and distributed communications.

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