Windows CE for CNC

While Windows CE has been gaining strong interest for embedded HMI and Soft Logic control applications in the past few months, CNC motion capability was not expected to be viable for several years. Now, US-based Advanced Technology & Research (ATR) in Burtonsville, MD, has beaten many others to the punch by successfully porting its RCS Task Based Advanced Numeric Controller to Windows CE to demonstrate that it is a credible operating system for motion control.

Since the RCS hierarchical structure incorporates multi-tasking into the control system, the operating system needs to provide fast and deterministic performance for only a single thread of execution. `Our entire system executes to completion within each cycle of the controller,’ says Jud Malone, VP of ATR.

The Advanced Numeric Controller has already been shown to be capable of controlling a mini-mill with three axis NC motion capabilities on Microsoft Windows CE. Soft servo capability in the Advanced Numeric Controller was demonstrated without the need for a DSP motion card.

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