Windows help shielding

Available from Warth International is a range of Zemrex shielded windows and polyester film.

Shielded cast windows, cast by setting a fine conductive mesh within a polyester resin, resist shock, vibration, chemicals and solvents. They will operate between -60 degreesC to +100 degreesC or up to 130 degreesC for 1hr.

Laminated windows, on the other hand, are constructed from two sheets of polycarbonate, or glass, and a layer of mesh. The assembly is bonded under heat and pressure.The material can operate between -40 degreesC to +60 degreesC.

CCP is an optical grade polyester film with an electrically conductive coating on one side. When contact is made with the conductive layer, the film can be used as a shielded window. Moire patterns do not occur when CCP is used with CRT displays. It can be supplied in custom die cut shapes or in sheet sizes of 30cm 3 30cm and 60cm 3 60cm.

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