Windy things checked on the farm

The SKF WindCon System is an online monitoring system for the wind energy market that gives a windpark operator a continuous overview of the mechanical condition of his wind turbines.

It has been specially designed to meet the demands of offshore wind turbine applications, although it operates equally successfully onshore as well.

The WindCon system itself consists of a monitoring and analysis system.

The monitoring system, installed in the nacelle (the main body) of each turbine, collects data continuously and automatically carries out vibration monitoring of bearings, gearboxes and transmission as well as performing sensor and electronics checks of all the installed monitoring devices.

Data collected from the monitoring system is then transmitted to a supervisory and analysis system placed in a control room that can be located anywhere convenient to the turbine operator. Advanced machine diagnostics are performed and clear text messages regarding detected faults are given.

SKF is also providing a hotline where SKF specialists can access the trend data via remote links. They can then provide input to identify actions to be taken in the event of doubt on the part of the local engineers.

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