WinMark ProTM laser marking software

Surface mount technology (SMT) components are used extensively in manufacturing electronic circuit boards due to their small size and compatibility with automated assembly processes. In this application, ceramic surface mount capacitors, measuring 2.5 mm x 3 mm, required an eight-digit identification mark.

To perform this task, the Synrad CO2 laser was set up with an FH Series marking head and installed an 80 mm focusing lens, which provided a 116-micron (0.005”) diameter beam with a 0.8 mm (0.032”) depth of focus.

Using the WinMark ProTM laser marking software, an eight-digit code was created using “Simple”, one of WinMark’s twelve built-in stroke fonts. For Power, a duty cycle percentage corresponding to nine watts was set and then a marking Velocity of nine inches per second (IPS). With these parameters, the characters, measuring only 0.82 mm (0.032”) high, were marked in a cycle time of 0.35 seconds.

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