Wireless recharging

Cambridge, UK-based startup Splashpower claims to have developed a ‘wireless’ method of allowing electronic devices to be recharged.

There are two elements to the Splashpower system. The first is the SplashModule, a sub-millimeter thin receiver module that can be customized to just about any size, shape or curve of a device. It can be built into PDAs, mobile phones, personal music players and portable gaming devices, as well as a host of other consumerelectronic products. The second piece to the puzzle is the SplashPad – a thin (less than 6mm) universal wireless charging platform that plugs into any electric outlet and can be built into any surface.

Any device fitted with a SplashModule instantly begins to recharge when placed anywhere on the SplashPad. Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously on a single SplashPad, which, according to the company, conforms to worldwide safety standards and regulations.

In a statement, the company said that it is currently in discussions with several of the world’s leading consumer and mobile electronics companies who are evaluating the technology.

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