Words to the wise

Recent comments made by James Dyson on the need to rediscover the power, impact and contribution of engineering are very true.

As a chartered engineer, I have funded various engineering institutes in the UK for the last 20 years just to keep my chartered status, and also with the promise that they would promote the status of engineers in the UK. So far there has been no noticeable difference.

In fact, the status of engineers and the average pay compared to other professions in the UK has become worse and less respected compared to other UK professions; yet in Germany the opposite is true.

The relevant UK institutions and government bodies that feel obliged to take our annual fees and taxes should take action and promote the work of engineers, and make us feel more proud to be an engineer.

If a chartered engineer carried out his business like the current financial and government sectors, which get a large bonus for failing, they would have already been taken to court and charged with fraud and failure to carry out their duty in a professional manner.

Nigel Burns