Working on phone chips

STMicroelectronics and Alcatel are to co-operate on the development of future GSM/GPRS chipsets for mobile phones and other wireless connectivity applications.

Alcatel will be transferring its team of mobile phone IC designers to STM, and STM will get access to the know-how and intellectual property developed by the group.

The resulting chipsets will be available for the open market. The deal also includes a multi-year supply agreement associated with 2.5G chipsets.

Alcatel now plans to concentrate more on those elements which differentiate mobile phones – software, product integration, user interface design and styling.

The design team transferred from Alcatel to STM has experience in analog and digital baseband, as well as in digital signal processing and radio frequency design.

New digital baseband chips to be developed by the Alcatel/STM design team will be based on STM’s advanced ST100 DSP core, chosen by Alcatel in 2000 as their preferred core for communications applications.

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