World’s Biggest Simmerring Manufactured

Simrit recently manufactured the largest Simmerring in history. This radial shaft seal, which measures an astonishing 1475 x 1539 x 25 mm, will be used to seal the main shaft in Voith Schneider propellers. Voith Turbo Schneider Propulsion GmbH intends to deliver these modern ship propulsion systems, which have an output of between 2,500 and 3,800 kW, to a Spanish shipyard, which in turn plans to install them in so-called “platform supply vessels” and multifunctional offshore ships.


Several of these uniquely large radial shaft seals will initially be produced for three of these vessels using the tried-and-tested 87 FKM 91136. This material has proven time and again that it is ideal for sealing ship propulsion systems and is capable of meeting the high demands of salt water applications. The tough demands made by both salt water and oils make additional measures necessary. The seal’s stainless steel parent panels, for example, are treated with a special binder while its stainless steel springs are given an anti-corrosion coating and are covered with a protective elastomer hose.


Simrit has been supplying Voith Turbo with high-quality Simmerring solutions for many, many years. Simrit is also Voith Turbo Schneider Propulsion’s sole supplier of shaft seals for ship propulsion systems. Designing and producing the shaft seals for the new Voith Schneider propellers proved a real challenge. In order to provide the design engineers with helpful information at the earliest possible stage, Simrit supplied Voith with FEM calculations together with the offer. This helped ensure a safe design for the entire propulsion system.


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