World’s highest power output

NEC Corporation has successfully developed what it claims is the highest power single chip nitride semiconductor power transistor yet to be developed.

The new device sports a power transmission output of over 100W at 2GHz. Until now, the world’s highest power output from a nitride semiconductor power transistor was 51W – achieved by Cree Corporation.

The nitride semiconductor power transistor was developed by adopting a high breakdown heterojunction, and through the use of thinned sapphire technology, which dramatically improved the heat dissipation characteristic of the device.

The nitride semiconductor’s advanced isothermal heating process was made possible with the introduction of a thermal shunt air bridge electrode.

Using the device, NEC demonstrated that it could miniaturise a mobile phone base station transmission amplifier by less than one-third, more than double its power output and reduce energy consumption to less than one-tenth of current levels.

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