World’s highest-resolution monitor

IBM has announced the world’s highest-resolution, flat-panel computer monitor – enabling photograph-quality imaging.

The T220 has a screen that shows 12-times more detail than current monitors with 200 pixels per inch and more than 9 million pixels in total on its 22.2-inch screen.

Applications for this technology are wide-ranging, encompassing any field that requires high resolution images — medicine, weather forecasting, publishing, graphic design, banking, product development, and satellite mapping. The T220 also can show several of the highest definition HDTV channels simultaneously.

The new monitor is based on technology developed at IBM’s Research Labs in Yorktown Heights, NY, and Yamato, Japan. The monitor features an active matrix liquid crystal display based on research that allowed the IBM team to use aluminium instead of molybdenum and tungsten, metals traditionally used in displays.

The new monitor will be available in limited quantities in days, with full scale production beginning in the third quarter.

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