World’s largest hologram

Ford is displaying the world’s largest full colour hologram at the 1999 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Developed jointly by Ford and Zebra Imaging, the hologram is far and away the largest hologram of its kind ever to be displayed to the public. Previously, it is believed that the largest full colour, full parallax hologram generated directly from computer data was just 4in square. This hologram, showing Ford’s latest concept vehicle, the P2000 Prodigy, is a 50% scale, 3D image projected from a 40ft2 panel. The exterior of the P2000 Prodigy hologram is translucent red, allowing the viewer to see inside the vehicle’s futuristic powertrain – a hydrogen fuel cell. The 3D image appears when the tiled panel of holographic film is illuminated by intense white light. The film panel contains 900,000 individual exposures taken directly from the computer design data from the car’s development team.