World’s smallest hand-held thermal imager

The mobile phone-sized Land Guide M4, the world’s smallest, lightest and most advanced yet thermal imager, is now available from Land Instruments International.

Incorporated into the design are features such as fingertip controls, thermal and visual images with voice annotation, on-board image processing, a large capacity memory and USB connectivity.

With a sensitivity of 0.12 degrees C, the Guide M4 detects temperature differences within the measurement range -20 to 250 degrees C and displays them as high-resolution, 16-bit thermal images.

The link with the target object is made by the digital images captured by the built-in visual camera, and a built-in laser locator that helps to pinpoint hot spots.

To simplify the identification of potential problems, there are four measurement modes – simultaneous four-spot and four-area analysis, line profile and isotherm analysis – all of which can be saved as images.

The position and temperature of the hottest spot within the image is automatically tracked and indicated by a cursor, and a second cursor in the image centre is used to indicate the temperature and provide a reference for inspection analysis.

An audible alarm is activated when the measured temperature exceeds a pre-set value.

The Guide M4 has a 1Gb memory for recording and on-board storage of over 5,000 files, each of which can include a thermal and visual image with voice annotation.

Completing the package is a Windows-based post-processing software program, which offers a range of temperature measurement, image processing and report generating functions.