World’s thinnest tri-axis accelerometer

Oki Electric has developed what it claims is the world’s thinnest ultra small tri-axis accelerometer module.

The ML8950, as the device is called, not only contains a sensor chip, but also a control IC that performs signal amplification, control, as well as analog/digital conversion and temperature compensation.

In addition, it is equipped with a digital interface that obviates the need for an analog/digital signal converter on the equipment it’s designed into, allowing it to be directly hooked up to a CPU.

In addition to detecting the tri-axis (X, Y and Z) acceleration (±3g), the tri-axis accelerometer module can also detect inclination and impact shock as well as measure the degree of inclination and vibration.

Targeting the mobile phone, mobile equipment, HDD and entertainment markets, sample shipments of the product will begin in Japan and North America in October 2004 and volume shipments in April 2005.