Wot a wopper!

Seagate has launched the Barracuda ATA V disc drive – the first hard drive to achieve 120Gbytes data storage using only two discs.

In the autumn, Barracuda ATA V will also feature a native Serial ATA interface – a faster, simpler, more intelligent technology designed to replace today’s Parallel ATA hard drive interface.

Barracuda ATA V has an internal transfer rate of up to 570Mbits per second, and a 9msec seek time. An Ultra ATA/100 version features a 2Mbyte cache, while the Serial ATA version will sport an 8Mbyte cache.

The new Serial ATA interface will offer some features PC makers are bound to approve of: intelligent data handling, hot plug capability, and a point-to-point connection from the drive to the host without the need for master/slave jumper settings.

The new interface standard also supports better data reliability, with 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Checking protection on command data as well as data on the bus.

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