Write it and send it

Digital Ink has introduced n-scribe, a wireless pen that will enable users to email and record handwritten notes using any Web-enabled device.

Digital Ink developed the n-scribe pen using infra-red technology, which enables the device – consisting of a ball point pen and its cover – to capture information, including words, numbers, letters and drawings – as they are written or drawn.

The user begins by removing the cover from the pen and clipping it to any hard writing surface. As the user writes, the information is recorded in real-time and stored as a JPEG or PDF file in the pen cover. When finished, the user simply downloads the file to any Web-enabled appliance, such as a WAP cell phone or PDA, where it can be stored, sent as a message or email to others, or translated into typewritten text.

Handwritten messages, graphics, or diagrams from the n-scribe pen can be displayed directly on the screen of any Web-enabled, graphically capable cell phone such as those from Sprint PCS.

The n-scribe pen can store up to 1Mbyte RAM (approx 50 handwritten letter-size pages), support up to 5 hours of continuous use (approx one week), and perform with accuracy greater than 0.5mm. Digital Ink plans to support handwriting recognition in the next version.

The n-scribe pen is currently available in beta, and Digital Ink will begin shipping the product in the fourth quarter of this year at a retail price between $99 and $299.

Digital Ink is also pursuing strategic partnerships to develop other applications for its technology. The company recently signed a development agreement with Intel. Under the agreement, Digital Ink and Intel’s Microprocessor Research Laboratories will pursue joint development activities in the area of human interface technology.

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