X-ray advance for PartnerTech

PartnerTech, one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturing companies, has installed an X-Tek Revolution X-ray inspection system at its UK manufacturing facility in Poole, Dorset.

The new kit, also known as an XT V 160, will support PartnerTech’s rapid builds of complex electronic and mechatronic products featuring devices such as ball grid arrays (BGAs) and chip scale packages.

The X-Tek Inspection System provides the highest resolution and magnification possible within a compact X-ray system for quality control, research and failure analysis.

Rex Waygood, technical manager at PartnerTech’s Poole facility, said: ‘We do a lot of rapid NPI (new product introductions) for customers at the Poole facility and many of the products feature unusual devices and geometries that cannot be visually inspected.

‘We therefore needed a system that could perform Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) using angled views and was also able to test fine pitch devices as well as BGAs and chip scale packages. Most importantly, we needed a system that gave us complete confidence that boards, particularly products that we have not built before, were assembled correctly first time.’

PartnerTech provides product design/development, prototyping, NPI, test solutions, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), full system build, logistics, distribution and after sales services. The company works in partnership with original equipment manufacturers across the medical, aerospace & defence, industrial and telecoms markets.

X-Tek is a Hertfordshire-based manufacturer of X-ray and computer tomography inspection systems for electronics, automotive and aerospace industries.