X sensor marks the spot

NJ-based Sensor Experts has announced its new electronic tactile force and pressure-indicating sensor.

Dubbed the Xsensor, it allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is disbursed between any two contacting or mating surfaces in real-time while the event occurs.

Any application or test where pressure lies between .5 PSI (.04 kg/cm 2 ) to 12,000 PSI (845 kg/cm 2 ) is a viable candidate.

Xsensor’s electronic sensor element – Skin – is essentially a thin flexible sheet that is densely packed with sensing points or pixels. These sensing points can be spaces as close as 1mm (.04′) apart and can collect data as rapidly as 20 readings per second. The Xsensor sensing element is only .4 mm thin, allowing adaptation over curved surfaces and placement in invasive, intolerant locations.

The internal composition of the Xsensor element is durable and can be used several hundred times or more before replacement is necessary. The sensor system is pre-calibrated and requires minimal user training prior to operation.

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