XML for production data

Manufacturing Data Systems has released an open standard for the exchange of manufacturing data in XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) format.

To ensure openness and interoperability from machine control to enterprise supply chain applications and to accelerate the adoption of Internet applications for the factory floor, Manufacturing Data Systems is publishing an XML standard for production, maintenance and quality data.

In addition, MDSI will be releasing an XML software application extension to the company’s OpenCNC software CNC family of products, for the export of MDSI’s patented Significant Events real-time machine data in an XML format.

The new MDSI-XML standard and MDSI product will be of particular interest to manufacturing information technology (IT) directors, who are under increasing pressure to capture and export manufacturing data from machine tools to support their supply chain strategies.

In addition, SAP, SQL, Oracle, and other database managers or ERP applications managers who seek to import manufacturing data into their databases are also a market for the MDSI-XML standard. The MDSI open XML standard is available for downloading from MDSI’s web site at this address: http://www.mdsi2.com/products/MDSI-XML.htm

XML format allows users to exchange data for presentation across the Internet in a more data-centric and detailed format than HTML text, which primarily specifies the look and feel of documents on a browser.

XML, on the other hand, defines data content. Data exchanged in XML format is tagged and classified to optimise searches across platforms and for ready integration into other systems. The MDSI-XML standard specifies the element and format names to be used for the classification and exchange of production data from a machine tool.

MDSI will incorporate industry feedback into the MDSI-XML standard on an ongoing basis. Those who wish to provide feedback may e-mail their suggestions to XML@mdsi2.com.