Yorkshire hosts healthcare technology forum

The Medical Innovation Forum, the UK’s leading networking event for healthcare technologies, took place this week in Yorkshire

The Medical Innovation Forum, the UK’s leading networking event for those with an interest in healthcare technologies, took place this week in Yorkshire.

Sponsored by Yorkshire Forward and CELS, the aim of the event was for participants to discuss innovations, fast-track technology transfer, find partners, offer capabilities and seek funding or licensing.

Over 350 leading health industry, academic and NHS professionals gathered in Harrogate to discuss the latest developments in the healthcare technologies sector. The theme of this year’s event was the benefits new technologies can have on the health industry in the face of an increasingly ageing population, for example helping people stay in their homes for longer with the help of new, assistive technologies.

The Yorkshire and Humber region has one of the highest concentrations of healthcare technologies companies in the UK, including global leaders like DePuy and Smith and Nephew.

As well as encouraging networking between attendees, the forum also featured discussion panels led by experts from across industry and academia. Mick Borroff, director of strategic health outcomes at Leeds-based DePuy chaired discussions examining the clinical trials environment in the UK and the challenges faced by UK companies in generating the right evidence needed to drive market adoption for new technologies.

Jim Farmery, head of innovation at Yorkshire Forward said: ‘With such a strong and growing healthcare technologies industry in Yorkshire and Humber, it is vital that industry experts have the opportunity to come together and discuss new opportunities and developments.

‘To see an event like the Medical Innovation Forum come to Yorkshire and Humber is an excellent opportunity for our region’s experts to come together and share their expertise and is a real boost to our credentials in this field.’