Zen servomotor

Oriental Motor cleared its mind of previous design principles when developing a new, high-response control motor capable of combining the benefits of selective closed-loop control with a stepping motor to give improved synchro accuracy.

This uncluttered design philosophy resulted in the AlphaStep, a motor said to be capable of functioning at the higher temperature ranges normally associated with a servo motor.

AlphaStep’s technology resolver with the microstep function produces smooth, low vibration movement that compares with a micro-stepping driver, even at low speed. This is achieved without an encoder and the associated circuitry that goes with it.

The 162 variant line offers 42mm, 60mm and 85mm (90mm for geared types) frame sizes in the AS Series, plus 100-115V input, and both single and three-phase 200-230V inputs.

In addition to the basic Round Shaft AlphaStep model are Tapered gear, Planetary gear and Harmonic gear models with a range of speed reductions to suit multiple applications.

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