Zwick’s latest tester can be spring loaded

The range of applications for precision springs is extremely varied. They are used in electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive, defence and aerospace industries, as well as in sports and leisure activities. Depending on the application, random samples are tested after manufacture or in some cases 100 % testing is necessary.

Zwick has developed a compression-spring tester for highly accurate measurement of precision springs from 1 to 2500 N. It has extremely good overall measurement technology characteristics, surpassing even the requirements of Standard EN 7500.

The compression-spring tester is used with the zwicki single-column materials-testing machine in conjunction with testControl electronics. The device possesses extreme vertical and lateral stiffness and comes already equipped with a precision load-cell. Overload protection prevents damage to the load cell in the event of block force being reached.

Precision guides allow only vertical movement of the compression platens. The extremely stiff and patented load cell is insensitive to transverse forces and ensures that measuring errors due to elasticity under load or eccentric forces are reduced to a minimum.

The instrument is designed for indirect spring length measurement, and this offers a very high level of accuracy as the already minimal axial deformation can be electronically compensated in real time. Zwick believes that it is the only manufacturer able to achieve this. Direct measurement is available as an option and is recommended for high-precision testing of very small springs.

The instrument can be fitted with a CE conformable safety protection, and an anti-buckling guide spigot, matched to the spring geometry, can also be used.

Special springs or tension springs can also be tested using appropriate tooling and fixtures, and for this purpose the Zwick compression platens can easily be exchanged for suitable grips.

Special programs from the testXpert® testing software, have been developed to suit the needs of both production control or final inspection, as well as Research and Development, thus making the testing machine much more universal. Using the standard testing program for quality control testing, most tests required by industry can be performed quickly and without software adaptation. With a master testing program cyclical testing is also possible.

All Zwick programs are developed with integrated data exchange options for ODBC databases, helping  the spring-testing machine blend seamlessly into the company’s existing IT infrastructure.

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