125 Years of Quality from Christian Bauer

To celebrate 125 years of business, the Christian Bauer GmbH company have produced a hard-backed commemorative booklet detailing the growth and development of the company up to recent times. From simple beginnings in 1880, when the family business specialised in the production of jewellery, it has now expanded into modern premises on two adjacent sites, with a total production area of 6,600 square metres, and still located in the area where the company was originally started, Welzheim – Germany.

From a workforce of only 20 in 1946, the company now employs 350 people. To this day genuine Christian Bauer rings all carry the internationally recognised ‘tree + CB’ logo. They are now a global player with outlets worldwide, with their UK company specialising in industrial products, including disc springs and precision parts under the name of Bauer Springs Ltd.

Although high quality jewellery is still manufactured using silver, gold and platinum, combined with precious stones, the production of disc springs (the product of load and deflection) was introduced in 1940 and industrial precision parts in the mid 1950’s. The company has received certification to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, QS-9000 and VDA 6.1, while compliance with customer specifications also being an established procedure.

From the very early years, the name Christian Bauer became synonymous with quality, and during the 1950-60’s the disc spring business expanded and their jewellery items were being supplied to wholesalers throughout Europe.

During these decades, the first company-owned apartments for employees were built, agents were replaced by company representatives, modern warehouse and production buildings were erected, a new precious metal refining plant came into operation and a jewellery sales company was established in France with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. Later years saw dealer networks in Asia, together with Eastern and Western Europe.

Current disc spring production comprises standardised patterns and individual designs for virtually every conceivable application. Uses are as diverse as domestic irons to high tech space travel components. They provide compliance with the very highest standards of quality, precision and function from raw materials to final computer-aided inspection of finished products. Development of disc springs to a precision component for automotive industry requirements led to the emergence of an additional business line. Precision parts are new manufactured in great quantities with tolerances in the micron range covering flatness, parallelism, angularity, dimensional stability and surface roughness.

Further information and copies of their commemorative booklet can be obtained from:
Bauer Springs Ltd, Eagle Road, North Moons Moat Industrial Estate, Redditch, Worcestershire  B98 9HF 
Telephone: 01527 594900                
Fax: 01527 594909
e-mail: sales@bauersprings.co.uk   


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