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Hydraulic motors have been used to drive all kinds of plant and machines for many years. The excellent controllability, flexibility and user friendly nature in use along with the unbeatable power to weight ratio were and still are strong, attractive reasons for using fluid power.

Hagglunds Drives, manufacturer of hydraulic motors, took this concept and developed it over the years and now offer a very wide range of direct hydraulic drive systems which can completely eliminate the need of large gearboxes on low speed plant and so apply the great advantages of hydraulics, along with simplicity, to a comprehensive range of applications such as bulk materials handling plant like conveyors and feeders, bucket wheel reclaimers and ship unloaders, process plant like mills, drums and mixers, heavy duty car and tyre shredders and marine applications like winches, mud pumps and drilling equipment.

They have also been applied to assist existing gearbox arrangements to add more power, relieve loads on the existing setup improving the life expectancy and improve output and productivity.

Hagglunds products are characterised by reliability due to strong product development and testing in probably the largest hydraulic testing laboratory in Europe. Hagglunds also have a global network of service/support offices with expert staff on hand to help customers apply, engineer, install, commission and service the drives wherever they are operating in the world.

Hagglunds motors span by far the largest range of hydraulic motors available. The Compact motor   starts about 1 litre per rev displacement, providing torque output of 20 Nm/bar pressure right up to the giant 250 litre per rev Magnum motor weighing in at 11 tonnes giving 4000Nm/bar pressure; most are rated at 350 bar pressure continuous.

The motors in three specific types Viking, Compact and Marathon have been introduced strategically and developed over 30 years. The original Hagglunds motor the Viking is a rotating case motor with its accessories of band brakes, brackets and valve programme, it is ideal for winches and is used in ships cranes and deck equipment.

The Compact motor, as its name suggests, was conceived to give unsurpassed power to weight performance and economic in design with excellent L10 life so that it can be applied on marine and industrial applications. It is a shaft driving motor with accessories such as multi-disc brakes, bolt on valve blocks and encoders. The versatile mounting possibilities have led to use in all kinds of applications and markets including mobile plant.
The Marathon/Magnum motors are shaft driving and designed for very large continuous industrial drives.

To ease the application of hydraulic drives Hagglunds also developed a range of power units and controls so that the complete drive system could be optimised thereby offering end users a perfectly matched drive system to maximise the reliability and benefits, improving the performance of the plant.

In choosing Hagglunds and benefiting from all the inherent advantages does not mean that you have to compromise on efficiency. Quite often the efficiency is comparable and in some areas Hagglunds have actually reduced the installed power needed because in some applications, due to loading and duty, electro-mechanical drives have to be over dimensioned to achieve the performance needed. There are also many problems associated with distortions variable frequency drives create on the grid which most engineers have experienced. Hagglunds hydraulic drives use standard induction motors in their power units which run efficiently at normal 4 pole speeds with no adverse effects on the grid at all.

Hagglunds motors have a very high mechanical efficiency approaching 98% which means starting torque of 2 or 3 times the nominal torque is available. The overall efficiency of the motors is also very high making the overall efficiency of the complete system to be comparable with the competition. However when one looks into the significant advantages of the direct hydraulic drive providing real benefits to users it is not surprising why Hagglunds drives business continues to grow.
Some important advantages of Hagglunds direct hydraulic drives.

Compact dimensions, high power to weight ratio Almost negligible inertia compared with geared drives
Overload protection with fast acting pump compensation enhances reliability
Simplicity, eliminating gearboxes, foundations etc completely
Excellent speed, torque and power control
High starting torque, maintained throughout speed range
Rugged, reliable and user friendly with very low maintenance needs.
Standard products kept in stock or short lead times
World-wide support and service.
Easy to install, adjust and upgrade.

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