A hello to arms

Aker Kvaerner has signed a contract worth a total of approximately £3.1 million with Repsol’s Cartagena facility in Spain for the delivery of 14 marine loading arms.

The loading arms will be delivered in three phases and installed on three separate jetties in Cartagehna Spain. Phase one is scheduled for November 2006, phase two for February 2007 and phase three for April 2007.

Woodfield Managing Director, Richard Williams said that the contract is yet another sign of confidence in Aker Kvaerner’s ability to design, build and install major loading arm projects. “One of the deciding factors in the selection process was our track record of delivering similar large scale projects. Aker Kvaerner has a strong HSE mindset and a strong design and management process that is based on many years of experience.”

The scope of supply is 7 x 16″, 2 x 12″ and 5 x 8″ loading arms. All will be equipped with MIB Emergency Release Systems, Hydraulic Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers and associated Radio Control Systems.

The loading arms will be manufactured in the UK, with the majority of the work being carried by the Aker Kvaerner Company Woodfield Systems at its Whitstable and Sittingbourne facilities.