Acrobat performs more tricks

Adobe Systems has unveiled a new version of its Acrobat Professional software which supports collaborative working and 3D design for the manufacturing and engineering markets.

Acrobat 8 allows any printable or scanned documents to be converted into PDF format, the de facto industry standard for document exchange. This now includes complex, large-format documents, such as those prepared in Autodesk AuoCAD. Recipients of the document will not need the native software so long as they have access to Adobe Reader.

Multiple files in a range of formats, including emails, can be combined into a single PDF in any order, regardless of type, dimensions and orientation.

Shared reviews of documents can be carried out either through email or in real time in a web conference. All comments are stored centrally and can be seen by all reviewers as well as the author, to reduce redundancy.

Other tools include automatic form generation and security features, such as redaction and digital signatures.

The UK release of Acrobat 8 is scheduled for early November, preceded by a nationwide promotional and training tour.