AHT provides heat treatment for Quicksilver challenge team

Dudley-based Alloy Heat Treatment (AHT) is collaborating in the Quicksilver World Water Speed Record Challenge team’s bid to regain the prestigious title for Britain.

The Quicksilver team is developing a complex sheet-aluminium-fabricated structure called the trunnion hoop, a key element of the upper hull of its boat, and AHT will apply heat-treatment processes to make the component as strong as possible.

Applying the same principles as the Bloodhound SSC land speed record attempt, the project has united a team of highly skilled volunteers. Both projects are showcasing some of the UK’s finest manufacturing talent.

The project took shape in 2005 and is being led by its founder, Nigel Macknight. Quicksilver’s philosophy is to implement modern technology in design, construction and operation within a boat capable of speeds of more than 350mph.

Permission will be sought to attempt the record on the UK’s Coniston Water once the vessel has been thoroughly tested.