Aker launches CO2 capture pilot

Aker and Aker Kvaerner are beginning a pre-study for a CO2 capture pilot facility at their power plant in Kårstø, Norway, with the eventual aim of capturing the facility’s entire CO2 emissions.

The solution is based on Aker Kvaerner’s Just Catch CO2 capture technology. The plan includes the possibility of establishing a bio energy facility, which could increase the degree of carbon dioxide capture from gas power plant from 85 to 116 per cent. This means that not only can the plant capture carbon emissions from the gas power plant, but it can also remove CO2 from the bio facility. The figure of more than 100 per cent is possible because carbon emissions from bio facilities are considered environmentally neutral.

The budget for the pre-engineering is estimated to be NOK 24m. If the build goes ahead, the pilot facility proposed under the project could be ready at Kårstø by 2009. The capturing facility will be scaled to capture 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in the pilot phase. At the same time as the pilot plant is being built, the necessary infrastructure will be put in place, including pipes and wells for transport and permanent storage of carbon in geological structures.

The development of the Just Catch CO2 capture technology took place between 2005 and 2007 in cooperation with 14 partners, including the leading energy companies in Norway and the state owned Gassnova.