Alcatel 3G for Malaysia

Alcatel was won a contract worth €70 million to provide its 3G/UMTS wireless network to Telekom Malaysia’s mobile subsidiary Celcom Berhad.

The project will provide access to high-bandwidth multimedia mobile services across the Malaysian peninsula and the Sabah and Sarawak islands. Under the agreement, Alcatel will deliver 3G/UMTS radio access network infrastructure and digital microwave links to carry the traffic of enhanced mobile data services, enabling Celcom to complete the next phase of its national 3G deployment programme.

The solution will be based on Alcatel’s Evolium platform. It will also be backwardly compatible with Celcom’s existing Alcatel hardware.

Also included in the deal are the Alcatel 7670 Edge Services Extender and 5620 Network Manager which will provide high-density aggregation and switching of 3G ATM circuits for the Evolium radio access solution.