Alcatel builds comsat for Ciel

Alcatel Alenia Space has announced that it will deliver the high-powered Ciel-2 telecommunication satellite to Ciel Satellite of Canada, a member of the SES group of companies. The new spacecraft, expected to launch by late 2008, will be the largest Spacebus class satellite ever built by Alcatel Alenia Space. Financial details have not been released.


Based on Alcatel Alenia Space Spacebus 4000 C4, Ciel-2 will be fitted with 32 Ku-band frequencies, configured into regional and spot beams maximising the frequency reuse up to nine times. At the beginning of its operational life, the spacecraft’s payload power will be 10.8 kW and will be positioned at 129°W. Ciel-2 is due to start delivering services into North America in the later part of 2008, with a life time of 16 years.


Alcatel said that the deal strengthens the existing relationship between it and the SES family of companies.


Ciel 2 is the fifth Spacebus satellite ordered by SES. Four are currently operating in the AMERICOM fleet – AMC-5, AMC-9, AMC-12 and AMC-23.