Alstom’s abundant hydro deals

Alstom Hydro has been awarded a total of €350m to supply electro- and hydro-mechanical equipment for hydropower plants in Brazil and China.

In Brazil, Foz do Chapeco Energia awarded Alstom Hydro a €150m contract for a new 868MW hydropower plant on the Uruguay River in southern Brazil. Under the contract, Alstom Hydro will supply four 217MW turbine-generator units, control and protection systems, all lifting and hydro-mechanical equipment as well as supervision and commissioning.

The units are expected to begin operating from August 2010 to March 2011.

Alstom Hydro’s €200m contracts in China included the supply of eight 600MW generators for the Jinping II hydropower station in the Sichuan Province for Ertan Hydro Power Development; three 650MW generators for Yunnan Lancangjiang Hydro Development’s Nuo Zhadu hydropower station; four 280MW generators for Wujiang Hydroelectric Development’s Shatuo hydropower station in the Guizhou Province; and three 84MW turbine generator units for Yunnan LongJiang Water Conservancy Development’s Longjiang hydropower station.

Tianjin Alstom Hydro Equipment, Alstom Hydro’s local division, will be responsible for project management services, design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of all equipment.