An extra €137 million for Bombardier

Bombardier Transportation announced today that it has received an additional order worth €137 million for 78 double-deck coaches and nine locomotives.

Bombardier Transportation announced today that it received an additional order for 78 double-deck coaches and nine locomotives from Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen (LNVG) in Lower Saxony, Germany. The order is valued at approximately €137 million.

The delivery of the new coaches will take place between May 2006 and the end of 2007. The coaches will be manufactured at Bombardier’s Görlitz site, while the electric locomotives will be produced in Bombardier’s facilities in Kassel.

This new contract follows a first firm order by LNVG in 2001 for the supply of 66 double-deck coaches and 10 electric locomotives, followed by a first option in 2003 for 40 coaches and eight locomotives.

With this second option, LNVG will now operate a fleet of 187 coaches of the double-deck model and 27 Bombardier TRAXX P160 AC electric locomotives.

“Since 1993, over 1,300 of Bombardier’s double-deck coaches have been built for Deutsche Bahn alone. In addition to customers in Germany, train operating companies in Israel, Denmark and Luxembourg have also chosen this model”, commented Olof Persson, President, Mainline and Metros, Bombardier Transportation.