An eye on the small screen

Newly-developed micro display-equipped glasses promise to give those watching the small screen of a portable DVD player during the daily commute a more at-home TV experience.

The Teleglass T3-F one-eye video glasses from Scalar of Japan allow wearers to view images equivalent to 28in screen quality 2m away.

The device connects to nearly any AV input, including iPods, portable DVD players, mobile phones and digital cameras, and can display films, text messages or pictures directly on to one of the lenses. The T3-F cannot be used with a user’s own glasses, but its optical-power adjustment knob allows people with poor vision to adjust the focus.

Video glasses that cover both eyes and project large images have been on the market for a number of years, but when worn on the streets, they can dangerously limit the user’s sight.

In contrast, the T3-F covers only one eye and does not completely cover the other eye on the side provided with the image display unit. This way users can to see the surroundings sufficiently even when watching the images. Also, the unit is retractable and can be placed into the position parallel to the temple with a touch of a button.

The unit, weighing just 35g, is equipped with a 0.24in QVGA transmissive LCD panel and uses a prism lens to project images displayed on the panel.

The device operates on two AA batteries contained in a remote controller connected via a cable, and can run continuously for about four hours. Scalar is already thinking about improved models for the future, particularly extending operating time by using a rechargeable battery.

But UK commuters will have to wait — the specs are only available in Japan and cost a hefty 102,900 Yen (£423).