Arnish to build turbines

Lewis Wind Power has come to an initial agreement with Edinburgh-based REpower UK to manufacture the turbine towers for the Lewis wind farm at the Arnish facility on the Isle of Lewis.

The facility, near Stornoway, will manufacture the towers on the condition that the wind farm, which will contain over 150 REpower turbines, receives planning permission from the Scottish government.

‘This initiative follows the announcement last month that a consortium of Highlands and Islands firms were coming together to begin negotiations for the construction of the Lewis wind farm,’ said David Hodkinson, Lewis Wind Power director. ‘Taken together, these initiatives underline our long-standing, irrevocable, commitment to ensure that the Lewis wind farm makes a significant contribution to the economies of Scotland, and particularly the Outer Hebridies.

‘We believe the scale of economic opportunity presented by the Lewis wind farm exceeds that delivered by any other wind project in Scotland to date. With the alignment this project clearly has with Scottish Government’s policy objectives, we hope a consent decision will be forthcoming in the near future to allow that economic opportunity to be realised.’