Astrium and SpaceX sign launch services agreement

Astrium and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) today signed an agreement to provide dedicated launch services to the European institutional very small satellite market.

According to a statement, the agreement will enable Astrium and SpaceX to market Falcon 1e launch capabilities to space agencies and other institutional customers in Europe for launches to take place through to 2015.

With dedicated launch services, clients with very small payloads can launch independently to low-Earth orbit, giving them greater control over the launch and actual launch schedule.

With the Falcon 1e, Astrium and SpaceX will be able to offer these services at the lowest cost per flight.

‘This agreement will provide European customers with a launch service that complements existing options,’ said Alain Charmeau, chief executive officer of Astrium Space Transportation. ‘In this way, any European customer will be capable of launching very small spacecraft on dedicated launches as primary payloads.’

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