Atlantis gets Current

Atlantis Resources Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of tidal current turbines, has acquired Current Resources, a tidal current energy origination and project development business owned by Morgan Stanley.

The goal is to develop and project manage major tidal current renewable energy projects globally.

Atlantis has achieved a series of milestones in harnessing tidal currents and is pioneering large-scale generation ‘turbine farms’ (arrays).

The company has developed two families of sub-sea turbines, Solon and Nereus, that have been tested in over a decade of field trials.

Solon is a deep-water turbine suitable for installation in some of the fastest-flowing currents in the world.

Nereus is a shallow-water turbine that has been extensively tested and grid connected in San Remo, Australia. Both have been developed to suit installation of multiple turbines in arrays.

Atlantis is currently evaluating installation opportunities in the Pentland Firth off northern Scotland, in the Bay of Fundy and British Columbia off the east and west coasts of North America respectively, as well as off the coast of South Korea.