Atlantis Resources prepares to bring tidal power to India

Narendra Modi, the chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, has approved the construction of a 50MW tidal power project that will be built in the Gulf of Kutch.

Marine energy developer Atlantis Resources will partner with Gujarat Power on the project, which could see the construction of the tidal power system begin as early as this year.

Atlantis recently conducted an economic and technical study of prime sites in the Gulf of Kutch where as much as 300MW of economically extractable tidal power resource was identified. New investigations will reveal whether it might be feasible to combine the offshore wind resource in the Gulf with the tidal current resource.

Atlantis Resources says that the initial 50MW tidal power project could be scaled-up to more than 200MW of installed capacity. The project will require hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in tidal turbines, associated power export infrastructure and the development of a local supply chain. It is expected to lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the region.

Closer to home, Atlantis Resources recently revealed plans to develop one of the world’s largest marine power projects in the UK using its new AK1000 tidal power turbine. The turbine, which was unveiled last August, has an 18-metre rotor diameter, weighs 1,300 tonnes, stands at a height of 22.5 metres and is capable of delivering 1MW of power at a water velocity of 2.65m/sec.