Automated Test System Punches Holes In Plasterboard

A specially adapted force testing system from Mecmesin is being used to measure the quality of gypsum plasterboard products.

The system was purchased by Saint Gobain, leaders in the design, production and distribution of materials for the construction, industrial and consumer markets. They wished to accurately assess their plasterboard products performance and durability.

Mecmesin offered a specially modified MultiTest 1-x console-controlled test system, capable of testing up to 1kN. This is used in combination with a simulated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) indexing unit, which enables full automation of the test method. When connected to the MultiTest-x, the simulated PLC indexing unit performs a pre-programmed testing sequence by running the operations that are normally undertaken manually during tests.

The application requires a precision probe to be fitted onto the systems loadcell, with the plasterboard fixed to a moveable platform. The probe is inserted into the side structure of the plasterboard to a depth of 13mm. Once complete, the simulated PLC indexing unit signals the platform to move enabling the same test to be performed on a new section of plasterboard. Up to 50 tests can be undertaken sequentially without the need for an operator to activate controls, thereby saving the time and labour normally required for this type of assessment.

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