BASF aids three-in-one transport

Danish inventors have employed BASF’s Luran S to build Triobike, a mode of transport that combines a bicycle, carrier and pushchair into one.

A new multifunctional bike, dubbed the Triobike, combines a bicycle, carrier and pushchair in one. The Danish inventors behind the product said they could envision parents using the pushchair to drop off their children at day care, and then later, with a few quick dismantling moves, ride off on a bike.

The product uses a plastic developed by BASF. The material, called Luran S, is an acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer modified with an acrylic ester rubber (ASA) that meets high requirements in terms of safety and resistance to weathering and UV light. The sandwich structure of the pushchair panels consists of two co-extruded sheets and a polyurethane foam filling in between. This layered structure accounts for high stability and low weight.

According to Sammy Hessburg-Eisinger, the Danish creator of the Triobike, Luran S turned out to be the most stable and by far the most UV-resistant of all materials tested at Triobike. ‘Triobikes that came back for inspection after one year still looked as good as new; the housing did not show any signs of degrading,’ he said.

Together with the Danish consumer-protection authorities, Eisinger conducted extensive testing in order to ensure a high level of safety for cyclists and their young passengers. For instance, the pushchair has a five-point seatbelt and it was also tested for fire safety. The Triobike, which is made by a company bearing the same name, is already being sold by retailers throughout Europe. The company now plans to introduce Triobike to Japan and the US.