BASF and Sakai make the grade

BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Germany has agreed to collaborate with Sakai Chemical Industry Company, Japan on new microfine titanium dioxide grades.

According to the agreement, BASF is expanding its UV filter product portfolio to include a range of new inorganic titanium dioxide grades manufactured by Sakai.

These products will be marketed under the tradename T-Lite by BASF. Under the new agreement Sakai will be producing microfine titanium dioxide for BASF, who will exclusively market these products globally with the exception of Japan.

“Sakai’s capabilities in advanced nanotechnology and powder modification enables BASF to offer high performing TiO2 grades to the cosmetics industry,” says Dr. Thomas Saupe, Director Cosmetic Solutions at BASF. “This will help our customers to generate sophisticated and elegant cosmetic formulations with high sun protection factors (SPFs).”

With its organic and inorganic UV-A and UV-B filters, BASF says it has a complete product range that permits the creation of just about any desired formulation of sunscreen agents for a wide array of applications.