Beefing up bone surgery

Technology commercialisation company Imperial Innovations Group has made an investment in Acrobat, which specialises in computer assistance for orthopaedic surgery.

The investment was part of a £2.6m funding round led jointly by London Technology Fund and PUK Ventures.

Acrobat produces minimally invasive and bone-conserving technology for use in orthopaedic surgery, based on the research of Prof Brian Davies and Prof Justin Cobb in the mechanical engineering and medicine departments at Imperial College London. It has developed and clinically proven products in computer-assisted 3D planning, surgical navigation and surgeon-controlled robotic surgery.

Technologies that will soon hit the market include Acrobat’s Planner, which creates a pre-operative plan, according to which the bone is prepared, and its Navigation system, developed in collaboration with Corin Group, which positions surgical instruments in the body.