Bloodhound car design drawings available online

The full design drawings of the Bloodhound jet- and rocket-powered world land-speed record contender are now available for download from the car developers’ website.

The 3D design drawings allow viewers to explore the engineering that will allow the Bloodhound SSC to accelerate from 0–1,050mph and back in just 100 seconds and safely handle the phenomenal forces and loads acting upon it.

Mark Chapman, Bloodhound chief engineer, said: ’If you had a spare jet, rocket and Formula One [F1] engine, you could, in theory, use these drawings to build your own Bloodhound at home. Much as we enjoy a good race, we don’t recommend it.’

Those interested can deconstruct the CAD model layer by layer, rotate it on all axes and zoom in and out, using professional engineering software from Siemens.

After 36 months of detailed design work, refined versions of the newly released design drawings have been issued to key Bloodhound suppliers including Hampson Industries, which will shortly commence cutting the first steel and aluminium to fabricate the rear chassis.

Meanwhile, Cosworth is close to completing preparation of its F1 racing engine and software package ready for the rocket test, which is due to take place this summer.

The CAD drawings are available to download at:

No-nonsense aerospace experts, flamboyant rocketry specialists and an exuberant project leader epitomise the diverse team of engineers working on the UK’s latest land speed record contender. Click here to read more.