Bluewater Bio to acquire Water Innovate

London-based wastewater-treatment company Bluewater Bio is to acquire Water Innovate, a technology transfer spin-out from the Cranfield University School of Water Sciences.

Water Innovate has a number of products currently being trialled at major global utilities, including Severn Trent in the UK and a number of others under development that Bluewater plans to incorporate into its own portfolio of water-treatment technologies.

Water Innovate specialises in monitoring and modelling systems for wastewater-treatment works, enabling operators to control emissions such as odour and greenhouse gases, including nitrogen oxides, thereby helping to increase efficiency, aid compliance, reduce environmental impact and reduce costs.

These incluse N-Tox, a toxicity-monitoring system that provides early warning of plant failure; Odoursim, a dynamic odour modelling software for wastewater systems; and a series of processes including membrane, biological and catalytic technologies that remove pollutants from water and effluents.

The acquisition includes a five-year rolling agreement providing the company with access to Cranfield’s own research pipeline of advanced wastewater-treatment technologies.

It is expected that completion of the deal will take place in October.