Boeing agrees deal for Space Adventures

Space Adventures has signed an agreement with Boeing that will see the company market passenger seats on commercial flights aboard the Boeing Crew Space Transportation-100 (CST-100) spacecraft to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Potential customers for excess seating capacity include private individuals, companies, non-governmental organisations and US federal agencies other than NASA. Boeing also plans to use the CST-100 to provide crew transportation to the International Space Station and future commercial LEO platforms.

Boeing and Space Adventures have not yet set a price per seat for spaceflight participants, but will do so when full-scale development is underway.

Boeing is continuing to develop the CST-100 spacecraft under NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Space Act Agreement. The spacecraft, which can carry seven people, will be able to fly on multiple launch vehicles and is expected to be operational by 2015.

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Space Adventures has successfully contracted and flown seven participants to the International Space Station.

Commercial space exploration technology could enable low-cost access to space for both tourists and scientists. Click here to read more.