Boeing awarded laser weapon contract

Boeing has been awarded a $28m contract to provide a more accurate laser-based weapon system for the US armed services.

As part of the contract, Boeing will produce a Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition (LJDAM) weapon system consisting of 400 laser sensors for the US Air Force and 200 for the US Navy.

The laser sensor, which is fixed onto the front of existing JDAM weapons, is said to increase the accuracy of the weapon’s GPS and navigation system.

‘Laser JDAM’s performance continues to exceed our highest expectations,’ said Dan Jaspering, manager of the Boeing Direct Attack program.

‘This weapon will fill a significant gap in capability currently encountered by our war fighting customers, specifically the ability to attack high-speed moving targets and targets lacking accurate coordinate data.’

A demonstration of the system was carried out at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, where aircraft from the US Air Force, flying at 7,315m, released 5,670kg LJDAMs and successfully hit multiple fast-moving targets.

Boeing plans to deliver the system by June 2009.