BOHS to run a series of Webinars in June

BOHS has three Webinars lined up for June, covering a range of hot topics widely relevant to occupational health professionals. All can be booked on-line for just £30 (£20 for members of BOHS) which includes all phone charges from within the UK.

6 June: An Introduction to Control Banding presented by Andrew Garrod, an HSE Specialist Inspector and Member of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene. The event will invite consideration of a number of scenarios, many in occupational hygiene, involving hazard banding, risk banding, control banding and other bandings applied in a regulatory context, which involve scientific and ‘political’ decisions. A recent application of Control Banding involved identifying appropriate, precautionary approaches to the control of welding fume. The discussion will include a brief resume of banding the hazard, assessing the risk, and selecting the right control band.
21 June: Latex Allergy presented by Chris Packham of EnviroDerm Services and Chair of BOHS’s Hazardous Substances Special Interest Group. Latex allergy continues to exercise many people, particularly in those working environments where thin, single-use gloves have to be worn. Whilst there have been problems with allergic reactions to natural rubber latex gloves, both in health care and some other occupational sectors, is this still a significant problem and should we really be looking at alternatives to natural rubber latex? Chris will review the evidence that is now available so that those responsible for deciding which glove material to select can make their decisions based on real facts.

25 June: What is REACH and the impacts for Occupational Hygiene presented by Chris Money of ExxonMobil and BOHS member. This Webinar will review the key changes that REACH brings for the chemical industry and how the new responsibilities that are being placed on chemical manufacturers and importers will, in turn, affect all groups who supply, purchase and use chemicals. In particular, the Webinar will discuss some of the major changes that will take place to the structure and content of safety data sheets and how these, by virtue of their comprehensiveness and transparency, can be expected to affect the practice of occupational hygiene.
All three Webinars take place at 15.00 (British Summer Time) and will last for approximately one hour.

What is a Webinar? Simply a live, web-based tutorial with voice communication by a conventional conference telephone call. All you need to take part is a computer with a (preferably) broadband connection, and a phone. Participants log onto a specific website to see the visual presentation and listen to the commentary over the phone, and can ask questions and debate issues throughout.

For full programme details and to book your place, go to the Event Calendar on the BOHS website: The link to the Webinar website and the conference call telephone number are provided directly to those who have registered.

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