Bombardier to drive trolleybuses

Bombardier Transportation has won an order from Neoman Bus Group for the design and manufacture of its MITRAC 500 propulsion system to power 80 trolleybuses.

The trolleybuses are destined for Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Delivery is scheduled to start mid-2007 and shall be completed in September 2008.

Bombardier has expanded the application of its MITRAC propulsion system to the trolleybus market. The Bombardier MITRAC 500 can now be used to power trams, people movers and trolleybuses. The company has assembled propulsion packages in its facility in Trápaga, Spain for some 200 trolleybuses, already in operation in Mérida, Venezuela and Quito, Ecuador.

Bombardier will carry out the design and manufacture of the propulsion systems for Barquisimeto in Trápaga, Spain and Mannheim, Germany. The trolleybuses will be assembled by Neoman Bus.