Britain invests in superfast broadband network

The government today revealed an £830m strategy that aims to give the UK the best broadband network in Europe by 2015.

‘Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future’, published today by Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for olympics, culture, media and sport, sets out a plan aimed at stimulating private investment and competition, removing barriers around hardware and cutting costs. 

According to a statement, a reliable and secure superfast broadband network is vital to the country’s economic growth, the development of high tech and creative industries, and the reform of public services.

The proposals include a ‘digital hub’ in every community by the end of this Parliament. This will be achieved by investing £50m in a second wave of projects to test how to deliver it.

Similarly, costs of and access to infrastructure will be examined, with emphasis on increasing shared access, working with house builders to make new-home broadband ready and cutting the costs of laying cable by clarifying the rules on street works.

‘A superfast network will be the foundation for a new economic dynamism, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and adding billions to our GDP,’ said Hunt.

The publication of the strategy comes shortly after BT confirmed it is ready to contribute further funding should it win public money in any of the government’s tenders aimed at bringing fibre optics to hard-to-reach areas.