Camera link cameras

CIS Corporation

has announced a series of new miniature cameras which use the Camera Link “Mini-CL connector” in a 29mm cube.

The new digital cameras are touted by the company as an upgrade to analog cameras in machine vision applications. Their digital output option can improve the speed 4-6 X that of an analog camera. Both B/W and colour versions are available in formats of VGA, XGA, SXGA, and UXGA.

The data clocks of 2X (G21 series), 4X (G22 series) and the 6X (G32 series) are 25 MHz, 49 MHz and 72 MHz respectively regardless of the imager type.

The frame rate in the G22 series goes up to 120 fps for VGA (VCC-G22V31CL), 48 fps for XGA (VCC-G22X31CL), 25 fps for SXGA (VCC-G22S21CL), and 20 fps for UXGA (VCC-G22U21CL).

The 6 X speed family of G32 series even goes to 38 fps for SXGA (VCC-G32S21CL) and 30 fps for UXGA (VCC-G32U21CL…2 M pixel) in both B/W and colour.

A “Power-over-Camera Link” version will be available for the OEMs in the same small package with an optional right-angle connection.