Catalyst collaboration

Sasol Technology and Avantium Technologies recently announced a strategic research collaboration in the area of Fischer-Tropsch chemistry to convert coal and natural gas to liquid fuels.

Under the collaboration scientists of Sasol and Avantium Technologies will work together to develop new catalyst technologies to optimise Sasol’s production of liquid fuels from coal or natural gas.

Avantium specialises in experimental methodologies that enable scientists to conduct parallel experiments on a very small scale and at a very high speed. According to Sasol, this increases productivity and allows scientists to explore and compare a myriad of experimental conditions.

Statistical techniques are applied to direct the experimental program into the most promising areas and to extract knowledge from the data that can be used to optimise industrial processes.

‘We are confident that the combined efforts of both teams in these research programs will add value and lead to innovative new catalyst technologies for Sasol. Our skills set significantly reduces the time-to-market of new products and processes and also improves the economics and success rates of research,’ commented Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer of Avantium Technologies.